Flag of Idaho
Legal Status: Fully Legal
Medicinal: Yes
Decriminalized: Yes

Packaging Regulations

– Universal symbol must be present
– Edible products must contain the phrase cannabis infused, and edible containers must be opaque
– Must be child-resistant and tamper-evident
– Must not imitate any package or product typically marketed to children
Use designs attractive to children, including:
Images popularly used to advertise to children
Imitations of candy labeling
The words “candy,” “candies” or anything similar
– Make unproven health claims
– Do not use the words “organic” or “OCal” unless you are registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture or California Department of Public Health
– THC and CBD content must be labeled, expressed in mg per package
– Use the name of a California county, unless 100% of the cannabis was grown there
– Market the cannabis good as an alcoholic beverage
– Include a picture of the product (edibles)

Shipping Regulations

– It’s Federally illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines, excluding hemp-derived CBD products
– Importing certain materials such as vape batteries and cartridges may be considered Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or ENDS under the PACT ACT, and thus may be challenging to ship.
– Intra-state transportation of cannabis products requires that businesses be registered with the state.
– Cannabis must be transported only inside of a vehicle or trailer – cannot be shipped on a plane, even within the state, as federal law supersedes state law

Extra Notes

Label must read "medical use only" if for medical patients

– Must list specific amount of cannabis on packaging
– No cartoons, no resemblance to candy
– Prop 65 warning
– Must display state- Specific warning regarding dangers of smoking and consuming cannabis & cannabis products
– Packaging must be tamper-evident
– Must have allergen warning

The universal symbol for cannabis alerts people that the product contains cannabis. It must be on the primary panel of all cannabis goods sold in California. Do not alter the symbol, other than changing the size. It must be at least ½ inch by ½ inch in size.

Warning Labels



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