About Us

Quality, Affordability, Expertise

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Quality, Affordability, & Expertise in cannabis supply, vape supply, branding, and packaging.

Our Vision

To use our professional expertise to bring high quality, commercial affordabilty direct to consumer.

Our Values

We value quality, professionalism, and above all else integrity.

Quality, Affordability, expertise 

We’ve been there. When starting your cannabis business you encounter so many variables – Is your cartridge going to leak? Does the battery heat properly? What about heavy metals? Do I have the right packaging? Do I have enough packaging? What about child-safety and compliance? How do I market my product? – It can seem a bit overwhelming. Let us help you get from point A to B with quality products, affordable prices, and professional expertise.


Our partner and manufacturer, Vaper Tip, has developed an exclusive line of high performing cartridges that are individually quality-tested. Heavy metals? No way. 

We do the R&D for you! We hand pick and quality control test all our packaging, which means you get the best available cannabis packaging without having to do the research.


Through developing relationships with our manufacturers and building an inventory at our local California warehouse, we are able to bring you the highest quality cannabis packaging and vape supplies at wholesale prices.

No tariffs, free shipping, and wholesale discounts on large quantities – we want to see you succeed. Your success is our #1 goal!


Every mistake costs money. We’ve been in this business from the beginging and we’ve had losses and successes and have learned a few things a long the way.

We want to share our expertise with you by offering the best in cannabis and vape supply: from cartridges, to filling equipment, to packaging. Start your business right. Let us help you take your business from concept to reality.

Our Partners

Vaper Tip

In partnership with Vaper Tip, we exculsively carry VT brand cartridges, accessories, and equipment.

Calyxa Terpenes

We also have a terpene company! Calyxa Terpenes provides customers with natural and artificial food grade terpenes