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Craft Your Story with Custom Wine Labels from KSD Wine Labels.

At KSD Wine Labels, we’re not just printing labels; we’re crafting canvases for your vintages. With decades of mastery in wine label design and production, we know what it takes to make your bottle stand out in the sea of sameness. Whether you’re an established name in the winemaking world or a fresh face on the scene, we’re here to amplify your narrative from the first concept to the final application.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential We’re all about pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. KSD Wine Labels embraces the challenge to elevate your wine brand with our superior quality and innovative printing techniques. From the opulence of foil stamped and embossed labels to the precision of variable data & imaging, every label we create is a testament to your unique story. Using state-of-the-art flexographic and digital offset presses, along with options for economically efficient shrink sleeves, we ensure your labels are not just seen, but remembered.

Materials Matter The choice of material is as crucial as the print itself. At KSD Wine Labels, we offer both exotic and standard estate papers, each designed to withstand the chill of an ice bucket and the bumps of transit. It’s about durability meeting luxury—ensuring your wine not only tastes good but looks phenomenal under any conditions.

Decorative Details that Dazzle Make your bottles shine with our array of finishing options. Choose from hot or cold foil to catch the eye, embossing or debossing for a tactile experience, or holographic effects that dazzle. Our finishing touches like matte or gloss lamination, varnishes in various textures, and specialty inks ensure your wine label is as distinctive as the wine within. With options like scent technology and color changing features, your labels are not just labels—they’re experiences.

Select Embossing/Debossing Options for a Signature Touch

  • Bevel In/Out: Sharp and defined, perfect for a bold statement.
  • Sculpted: Crafted with precision, ideal for intricate designs.
  • Raised Roof/Round or Raised Flat: Elevate your brand literally and figuratively with these standout choices.

Decorating and Finishing Options

  • Hot Foil/Cold Foil
  • Emboss
  • Pattern Emboss
  • Deboss
  • Foil (varying colors)
  • Reverse Printing
  • Custom Die Cutting
  • Screen Print
  • Flatbed Screen
  • Rotary Screen
  • Holographic Effects
  • Lamination (Matte/Gloss)
  • Varnish (Matte/Gloss)
  • Textured Varnish
  • Pattern Varnish
  • Spot Varnish
  • Specialty Inks
  • Scent Technology
  • Color Changing
  • Bottle Neck Tags
  • Authentication Options

Select Embossed/Deboss Options

  • Bevel In/Out
  • Sculpted
  • Raised Roof/Round
  • Raised Flat

KSD Wine Labels — Where your wine’s story begins. Join us in creating a label that does more than identify; it invites, enchants, and captivates. Your journey towards an unforgettable brand identity starts here.

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Hang Tags

Revolutionize Your Customer Interactions with NFC-Enabled Labels

Unlock the Power of Engagement with NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) isn’t just the tech behind the tap-and-pay features of Android Pay™ and ApplePay™; it’s a gateway to countless interactive possibilities. By embedding programmable NFC tags into labels and other materials, your brand can create a seamless, dynamic connection with users. Imagine a label that does more than look good—it communicates!

Empower Consumers with a Simple Tap

These tiny NFC tags are powerhouses of potential, activating with just a light touch, up to two inches away. They’re designed to use only a whisper of battery power from smartphones, and unlike Bluetooth or WiFi, the NFC signal is passive, putting the user in control. This means they can tap into a wealth of information directly from your cloud server, on their terms, without the annoyance of pushy ads.

Benefits & Practical Applications of NFC Tags

NFC technology’s simplicity and versatility make it an outstanding tool for boosting consumer engagement. Here’s what it can do:

  • Frictionless Data Exchange: Just a tap from an NFC-enabled smartphone pulls up content directly on the screen, streamlining how people access information, from videos and tutorials to product re-orders.
  • Diverse Engagement Opportunities: Whether it’s facilitating voice calls, accessing documents remotely, or enhancing customer loyalty programs, NFC opens up new avenues for connecting with users.
  • Multilingual Support & Accessibility: Provide instructions and information in various languages, enhancing the user experience across different demographics.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Track products, ensure compliance, and authenticate product use effortlessly.
  • Continuous Interaction: Keep the conversation going. NFC tags can drive continued customer interaction, support special orders, and promote events, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Transform How You Connect

NFC tags are more than just technology; they’re a new way of thinking about customer interaction. With NFC, your product labels become a portal to a more engaging, informative, and interactive experience. Dive into the future of consumer engagement with NFC-enabled labels and watch your brand experience transform.

Engaging Methods and Technology Applications

  • Voice calls / Text messages
  • Videos / Tutorials
  • Websites
  • Re-orders
  • Remote document access
  • Medicine adherence
  • Data & information access
  • Instructions in multiple languages
  • Cross-selling initiatives
  • Customer-loyalty programs
  • Security / Tracking / Compliance
  • Product authentication & use
  • Continued customer interaction
  • Special oders & events

Ready to Explore NFC for Your Brand? Contact KSD Wine Labels Today!

Interested in harnessing the power of NFC for your products? Reach out to KSD Wine Labels to learn more about our innovative solutions and how we can help you engage with your customers like never before.


NFC Labels

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Producers and purchasers of temperature-sensitive products, like pharmaceuticals, food and floral, have a vested interest to ensure the quality of their products, as well as to identify supply chain issues that may lead to compromised products. NFC Time Temperature Logger smart labels provide secure, encrypted, real-time temperature information to your smartphone via a cloud-based application.

KSD Wine Labels offers a cost-effective, smart label that logs time and temperature of products throughout the supply chain journey. Unlike many data loggers today, this technology uses NFC to store the data, which can provide instant data access. The data is stored in an NFC chip and can be uploaded to a smartphone at anytime, anywhere throughout the supply chain.

This tracking technology incorporates sensor functionality and temperature data logging capabilities in a thin, disposable label solution. When affixed to a product or placed in a container, the label can be programmed by the user to record the temperature history of goods at defined intervals during shipment. Once a shipment reaches its destination, the label’s temperature data can be uploaded to a smartphone, reviewed, and sent from an Android smartphone or tablet with the easy- to-use mobile app. Based on the data collected, the label can indicate if the item is suitable for its intended use. In addition, the sensor card can be customized for branding purposes, depending on usage and needs.


Temperature logger labels are produced using full four-color process printing, on digital or offset printing presses. Pantone colors are also available, so these labels align with the rest of your brand packaging.

  • Approximately the size of a credit card
  • Cost effective vs. other data loggers
  • Full functionality through the entire supply chain
  • Instant “on location” data access
  • No need to plug into a laptop
  • Unlimited access using an NFC-enabled smartphone

Android Mobile Application

  • Tag activation and setup
  • Online/offline
  • Local analytics (graph)
  • Available on Google Play



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