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Packaging Regulations

16.1. A grower/processor must package and label at its facility each form of medical cannabis prepared for sale. The original seal of a package may not be broken, except for quality control testing at an approved laboratory, for adverse loss investigations conducted by the bureau or by a dispensary that purchased the medical cannabis.

16.2. A grower/processor must package the medical cannabis in a package that minimizes exposure to oxygen and that is:

  • 16.2.a. Child-resistant;
  • 16.2.b. Tamper-proof or tamper-evident;
  • 16.2.c. Light-resistant and opaque; and
  • 16.2.d. Resealable.

16.3. A grower/processor must identify each process lot of medical cannabis with a unique identifier.

16.4. A grower/processor must obtain the prior written approval of the bureau of the content of any label to be affixed to a medical cannabis package. Each label must:

  • 16.4.a. Be easily readable;
  • 16.4.b. Made of weather-resistant and tamper-resistant materials;
  • 16.4.c. Be conspicuously placed on the package;
  • 16.4.d. Include the name, address, and permit number of the grower/processor;
  • 16.4.e. List the form, quantity, and weight of medical cannabis included in the package;
  • 16.4.f. List the number of individual doses contained within the package, and the species and percentage of THC and CBD;
  • 16.4.g. Contain an identifier that is unique to a particular harvest batch of medical cannabis, including the number assigned to each harvest lot or process lot in the harvest batch;
  • 16.4.h. Include the date the medical cannabis was packaged;
  • 16.4.i. State the employee identification number of the employee preparing the package and packaging the medical cannabis;
  • 16.4.j. State the employee identification number of the employee shipping the package, if different than the employee described in subdivision 16.4.i.;
  • 16.4.k Contain the name and address of the dispensary to which the package is to be sold;
  • 16.4.l List the date of expiration of the medical cannabis.

Law Resources

Shipping Regulations

– It’s Federally illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines, excluding hemp-derived CBD products
– Importing certain materials such as vape batteries and cartridges may be considered Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or ENDS under the PACT ACT, and thus may be challenging to ship.

Extra Notes

*This document is intended to serve as a guide and should not be construed as legal advice.

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